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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Best New Romance Novel Reviews

The newest romance novels rated 5 stars (or hearts, books, etc.) from The Wild Rose Press are listed here.

Click title to find the book, or stars to read the review. For a description of ratings, please click here.

Blood Hunt: The Legend, by Judith Gilbert ☆☆☆☆☆
Paranormal, hot

How far would you go to keep a deadly secret? Would you let a little boy die? Nurse Brianna Eaton's world turns upside down when EMTs bring her best friend and her six-year-old son to St. Francis. Bri's blood is the only hope he has. If she saves him, she can no longer hide what she is--a hybrid, part vampire, part witch. Forces will come against her; it's only a matter of time. Not even the fierce vampire protector her father assigns can stop the fulfillment of The Legend.

“If you love Jeaniene Frost’s Halfway to the Grave and Barb and J.C. Hendee’s Dhampir series, then you will love Blood Hunt ! … This is a book that I thoroughly enjoyed and sincerely hope that there will be a second book!” – Nicole, Bitten by Books
…full review
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The Bride Wore Blue, by Cillian Burns ☆☆☆☆☆
Contemporary, spicy

Wounded war correspondent Brett Peters returns home from Iraq to the biggest shock of his life—a son he didn’t know he had. Ten years before, he had left Beth Phillips behind, bitterly certain she did not love him enough to go with him to the Middle East. He’d moved on, he thought...until he set eyes on Beth and his son, Ryan.

“WOW! The Bride Wore Blue is a delightful romance. Cillian Burns is a talented author. She created a plot that other authors will envy. The story flows smoothly, enticing the reader to turn the pages….Well done, Ms. Burns.” – Debra Gaynor, Review Your Book
…full review
Buy from The Wild Rose Press

Damn Good Man, by Michelle Witvliet ☆☆☆☆☆
Contemporary, spicy

Widower Joel Hubbard isn’t interested in his friends’ attempts to fix him up. He’s content with his quiet, structured life as a single dad until he wanders into Gwen Marconi’s real estate office and discovers everything he never knew he was missing in his life. Gwen has a knack for attracting womanizers, losers and jerks. From what she can tell, Joel isn’t any of those things. In fact, he’s everything she ever wanted in a man and it starts her thinking she’s finally found herself a keeper.

“Have a house to sell? Ask for Gwen Marconi. Have a heart longing for its perfect match? Ask for Dr. Joel Hubbard. Want a sexy love story that combines the best elements of both? Then you need to read Damn Good Man.” – Tiger Lily, Long and Short Reviews
…full review
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Salvation Bride, by Anna Kathryn Lanier ☆☆☆☆☆
Historical (Western), spicy

The hot dusty town of Salvation, Texas has more than its share of secrets in 1873 when Laura Ashton's stage rolls into town. Sheriff David Slade has no idea what baggage his mail-order bride is bringing into his life. Throw in the nightmares from his Civil War days and he's got more than courting to contend with. Laura's a woman ahead of her time, a woman trained in medicine. And she's got a will that could move mountains. Unfortunately, the only mountains in Salvation are in Sheriff Slade's memory. Can the determined doctor heal his pain, or will the dark secret in her past turn up to steal his Salvation Bride?

“Ms. Lanier created a fantastic plot about a couple who had much to learn about the other….This storyline was very intense, with unexpected encounters. The ending was really a surprise. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves historical romance with conflict.” – Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio
…full review
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