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Friday, September 4, 2009

Best Romance Novels


This blog, in association with Best Romance Novels Today, is dedicated to posting the best romance novels we can find.

We scour the web, searching independent review sites for the best romance novels. We consider books from large publishers, and also gems from the small presses. Each book posted has earned at least one 5 star review from a respected reviewer. In addition, we check that novel's average star ranking on Amazon. If a book earns 5 stars from both sources, we post it here.

We're sure you'll find some wonderful books to read. Enjoy!

Bunco Babes Tell All
Maria Geraci
Berkley Trade, 2009

Woman cannot live by Bunco alone

Meet the Bunco Babes of Whispering Bay. Every Thursday night they roll dice, drink frozen margaritas, and catch up on all the gossip in their small north Florida town. Kitty Burke is the only Bunco Babe who is still single—which is okay—but she’s thirty-five and may need to face the fact that her image of Mr. Right is all wrong.

Take Steve. Very sexy—but on paper, with three failed marriages and a shady career, maybe not great husband material. And yes, his ring tone is “Freebird.” Fellow Babes Shea and Pilar definitely vote thumbs down. But maybe there’s more to Steve than meets the eye.

“ I loved Kitty. She is my absolute favorite… Maria Geraci has become my new favorite author of 2009! I can't wait to read her next piece of work.” – Cheryl, Fallen Angel Reviews …full review

Available at Amazon

Deadly Secrets
Leeann Burke
Lachesis Publishing, 2008
Romantic Suspense

PHILIPPE LAFRANCE is a well known reclusive writer whose life is suddenly thrown upside down. The grandfather he never knew existed dies. Throughout his own investigation, Philippe learns that his family has kept secrets from him, deep, ugly secrets. A killer is murdering the men in his family. First his father then his grandfather have succumbed at the hands of another. This murderer is trying his utmost to keep secrets buried. Bereft, Roxanne St-Clair is left to manage a restaurant when the only person who ever mattered to her, her foster parent and mentor, is murdered. She puts her life on hold to find his killer and bring him to justice.

“ This book definitely has all the elements of a great who-done-it, intrigue, suspense, murder, lies, and suspicions.” – Matilda, Coffee Time Romance
…full review

Available at Amazon

Down Home Ever Lovin' Mule Blues
Jacquie Rogers
Highland Press, 2008

It Happened in the Idaho Desert

The rodeo clown: Brody wants the thrill of bullfighting and the wind at his feet.
The actuary: Rita doesn't want anything to do with a busted up cowboy-and odds are, Brody will be.
The mule: Socrates understands humans. And love, even if humans don't. Can Socrates lead Brody to Rita's heart? Will Rita let herself take the biggest risk of all?

“I enjoyed the way Socrates narrates Down Home Ever Lovin’ Mule Blues. Socrates lends great humor to the tale. The dialogue and antics are fantastic.” – Cherokee, Coffee Time Romance
…full review

Available at Amazon

Faro's Daughter
Georgette Heyer
Sourcebooks Casablanca, Reprint 2008

Beautiful Deborah Grantham, mistress of her aunt's elegant gaming house, must find a way to restore herself and her aunt to respectability, preferably without accepting either of two repugnant offers. One is from an older, very rich and rather corpulent lord whose reputation for licentious behavior disgusts her; the other from the young, puppyish scion of a noble family whose relatives are convinced she is a fortune hunter.

Max Ravenscar, uncle to her young suitor, comes to buy her off, an insult so scathing that it leads to a volley of passionate reprisals, escalating between them to a level of flair and fury that can only have one conclusion...

“… Faro’s Daughter is my favorite sort of Heyer: a lovely, concentrated battle of wits between a man and a woman with sparkling results. – Emma Leigh, All About Romance
…full review

Available at Amazon

Michelle Griep
Black Lyon Publishing, 2008
Time Travel/Historical

Jessica Neale's faith is lost the day of her husband's death, and with it, her belief in love. In a journey to find peace, she encounters a gentle, green-eyed stranger who leads her to the ruins of the medieval castle, Gallimore. On his way to battle, Colwyn Haukswyrth, knight of Gallimore, comes face to face with a storm the likes of which he's never seen, and a woman in the midst of it who claims to live centuries in the future. The Lady Jessica of Neale is an irksome, provoking bit of woman to be sure. And she's about to turn his beliefs on end.

“The author does a wonderful job of capturing a twenty first century woman’s trials and tribulations in the thirteen hundreds.” – Maura, Coffee Time Romance …full review

Available at Amazon

Going Too Far
Jennifer Echols
MTV, 2009
Contemporary, young adult

All Meg has ever wanted is to get away. Away from high school. Away from her backwater town. Away from her parents who seem determined to keep her imprisoned in their dead-end lives. But one crazy evening involving a dare and forbidden railroad tracks, she goes way too far...and almost doesn't make it back.

“What a powerful read Going Too Far is....Wonderfully scripted characters and plenty of energy and drama to hold the reader until the very end is what you find between the pages of Ms. Echols latest book.” – Matilda, Coffee Time Romance
…full review

Available at Amazon

Millionaire's Secret Seduction
Jennifer Lewis
Silhouette, 2009
Silhouette Desire

A multimillion-dollar family dynasty was hard to walk away from. And that's what Dominic Hardcastle intended to do. Until he met his father's employee Bella Andrews. She was intriguing and sexy beyond reason... and out to ruin his estranged, ruthless father. So Dominic offered to keep her secret if she'd keep him company...after hours.

“ Jennifer Lewis has written a wonderful story loaded with intrigue, espionage, deception and the lengths a person will go for their family…. The Millionaire’s Secret Seduction is an outstanding read which sets a high standard for the remaining books in the Hardcastle Progeny series.” – Delane, Coffee Time Romance
…full review

Available at Amazon

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