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Friday, November 13, 2009

Best Romance Novel Reviews


Are you looking for a great romance novel to read? This blog, in association with Best Romance Novels Today (bestromancenovelstoday.com)  is dedicated to posting the best romance novels we can find.

We scour the web, searching independent review sites for the best romance novels. We consider books from large publishers, and also gems from the small presses. Each book posted has earned at least one 5 star review from a respected reviewer. In addition, we check that novel's average star ranking on Amazon. If a book earns 5 stars from both sources, we post it here.

We're sure you'll find some wonderful books to read. Enjoy!

Pitch Black, best romantic suspense novelPitch Black
A Black CATs Novel
Leslie Parrish
Signet, 2009
Romantic suspense

Former profiler Alec Lambert would give anything to catch The Professor, a serial killer who lures his victims with Internet scams. Now working with reclusive scam expert Samantha Dalton, he finally has his chance. But as they draw ever closer to discovering The Professor's identity and stopping his murderous rampage, they realize Sam is the psychotic killer's new obsession-and possibly his next target...

“If I had to sum up Pitch Black with a single phrase, it would be this: really, really good.” – Katie Mack, All About Romance
…full review

Available at AmazonPitch Black, best romantic suspense novel

Seduced by a Stranger, best historical romance novelSeduced by A Stranger
Eve Silver
Zebra, 2009
Historical romance

The vast, dense forest and murky lake that surround Cairncroft Abbey aren't the only menacing elements that envelop the estate. For a dark history lies behind its walls - where secrets and evil still linger...Catherine Weston arrives at Cairncroft Abbey to visit her childhood friend Madeline St. Aubyn whose health seems to deteriorate with each passing day. Even stranger, Madeline appears to grow more nervous whenever she is in the presence of her cousin, Gabriel. But Gabriel has quite a different effect on Catherine…

“This is as much a thriller as a romance, standing the hairs on the back of your neck…” – Lototy, Coffee Time Romance & More …full review

Available at AmazonSeduced by a Stranger, best historical romance novel

Who Do I Talk To?, best inspirational Christian fictionWho Do I Talk To?
(Yada Yada Series)
Neta Jackson
Thomas Nelson, 2009
Christian Women’s Fiction

When Gabby loses custody of her sons and nearly all of her worldly possessions, she's surprised to discover what she's really made of. Now if she can just get her sons back . . .

Gabby Fairbanks's husband locks her out and disappears with her sons, leaving her homeless and stunned. With her frail mother and a mutt named Dandy, Gabby must take refuge at the women's shelter where she works, trying to salvage the shattered pieces of her life. More...

Who Do I Talk To? is an aptly named book that stresses the importance of talking to God, in good times and bad.” – Laura, A Romance Review
…full review

Available at AmazonWho Do I Talk To?, best inspirational Christian fiction

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